Friday, May 5, 2017

Today's Feature: ORNAMENTAL IRON CURLS 6" X 6" Stencil

Note:  the StencilGirl links below will take you to the right stencils on the StencilGirl website, altho the stencil titles may differ from here to there.

Yesterday's post introduced my four new stencils.  The demo in yesterday's post didn't include any art made with one of the stencils, Ornamental Iron Curls , so today I'm featuring seven prints made with this stencil:

Above:  you can click on this double image to enlarge it and better see the details.  The print on the right was done on an old blueprint.  The print on the left was done on paper pre-printed with diagrams; this paper had been included in a book of blueprints.

Above:  Ornamental Iron Curls was used twice to make this print, each time with a different color of acrylic paint.

Above:  this print was done with grey-buff acrylic paint loaded onto a sponge brayer and rolled across the stencil when it was placed over an old computer print-out of mine.

Note:  the above print was done on paper pre-printed with diagrams; it came in a book of blueprints.
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