Saturday, May 13, 2017

Curl up with a Good Stencil ...

Ornamental Iron Curlsone of my four stencils released May 4, has found its way into many of my recent art prints.  It turned out to be a versatile stencil, as shown below:

Above:  This print, with green heavy-body acrylic paint, was made on textured foil-laminated paper which had been previously printed (in the upper left corner.)

Above:  this print was done on watercolor paper coated with orange acrylic paints.  It was the original print forming the basis for one of the multi-layered pieces in yesterday's post.

Above:  this print was made over the photo of an old calendar page.

Above:  this print was made with yellow heavy-body acrylic paint, on a substrate that had been previously streaked with red, blue and purple paints.

Above:  this print was made over an older print.  The original substrate had been the photo from an old calendar page.

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To see all of my stencils -- new and old -- just go here.  Thanks for visiting my blog!

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