Sunday, May 28, 2017

More Stencil-Combo Prints Made with My Brand-New Stencils

Again today I'll post yet more stencil combinations, using the full stencils and placing them atop one another -- either directly on top, or off to one side.  I'm still making the prints with a 4-inch-wide sponge brayer loaded with heavy-body acrylic paints.  My substrates are "found" papers of various kinds. 

Above: Ski- Lift Works was the main stencil used here, on a substrate that had been previously printed with on a Gelli Plate.  On the right, I made a direct print with the stencil, using green paint.  To the left of that print, I made a "rubber stamped" print by flipping the stencil over -- while its paint was still wet -- and pressing it to the substrate.  Another layer in this multi-layered print was made with Sassy Spray.

Above:  On blueprint paper, I first printed with Sassy Spray.  The stencil I used in my top-layer print was Ski-Lift Works.
Above:  I used Sassy Spray for the top-layer (yellow) print.  I chose green paint for the bottom layer.  The stencil used there (with green paint) was Pavilion Shadows.

These 3 stencils look like this:

Ski-Lift Works 
Sassy Spray 
Pavilion Shadows

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