Saturday, August 22, 2009

My First Publication in Somerset Digital Studio Magazine

A month's passed since my last post, because we've been having windows and doors replaced in the house, garage and back porch. (We still have a back porch, instead of a deck. Here in this suburban development, my husband and I live in a small "island" -- with our neighbors on the right and on the left, we comprise a three-houses-in-a-row unit wherein live couples over 60. All around us are under-60's -- who have decks. We over-60's have screened-in back porches. It's a generations thing!)
Yesterday I received my free copy of Somerset Digital Studio (Autumn 2009 issue.) Page 108 shows my digital art entitled Heart in Hand.
I'm reading Passing Strange, a fascinating true story and a real eye-opener. Has anyone else read it?