Friday, May 26, 2017

A Smorgasbord of Prints Made with My Four Newest Stencils

Variety spices life!  Today's post has a little of everything.

Ornamental Iron Curls was used to make the top layer (yellow) in the above print, done on blueprint paper.  Under that layer is an orange print created with another of my four new stencils, Sassy Spray.

Below, Sassy Spray appears in more prominent roles:

Ornamental Iron Curls was used in making the first layer in the above print, before Sassy Spray was used to make the top layer with white acrylic paint.

Above:  With Sassy Spray, I made a yellow print over multi-colored paper.

Above:  The layered print above was made with Sassy Spray and Pavilion Shadows. 

My fourth new stencil, Ski-Lift Works, was put to use in making the print below --

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