Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SASSY SPRAY 6" X 6" stencil -- Reworked Art

Earlier this month, I posted an artwork I'd made on canvas using a pair of Sassy Spray stencils that I had slightly altered.  This is what the art looked like at, then:

I liked all of it except for the upper left side.  I wasn't satisfied with the focal point that I'd tried to establish there. 

So I re-worked the art.  Its new version is below --

I'm not at liberty to describe the technique that I used to start this painting, since it was shown on a video that's included in the June 2015 Stencil-of-the-Month package for StencilGirls' StencilClub members.  This package can be back-ordered; directions are here

But that process was only the start of this particular acrylic painting, done on 12" x 9" gallery-wrap canvas. 

After that first step, I used a variety of sizes of flat-tipped brushes to add yellow highlights in emphasizing areas of the design.  I also added a number of layers of zinc white acrylic paint to mute areas of lesser interest.  And I used a nearly-empty bottle of this paint to add a spatter in the lower middle area.

When I came back to re-work the piece, I repeated the start-technique in one area on the right side.

Then I used Gelatos.  I applied them dry, then brushed over them with liquid acrylic matte medium, to spread the color, and set it.

I also masked off a small area on the right before spattering it with the same zinc white paint that I'd used originally, in making spatters elsewhere.

Sassy Spray in its entirety looks like this:

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