Thursday, May 18, 2017

Brand-Spanking-New Stencil-Prints Parade

Today my blog returns to a parade of art samples made with my four new 6" x 6" stencils ...

First comes a print made with Ski-Lift Works.  I used heavy-body acrylic green paint and applied the print over an old painting:

The next two prints were made with Pavilion Shadows:

And finally, the print below was made with Sassy Spray, on a paint-sample card from a house-painting supply store:

All of today's prints were created using a four-inch-wide sponge brayer loaded with heavy-body acrylic paints.

Have fun making your own prints!  Stencils make it easy!

More ways of using stencils will be posted here -- and a very special post will appear May 23.  To follow this blog, just sign up for emails on the upper right.  

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To see all my stencils, from old to new, just check here.

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