Thursday, May 11, 2017

SK LIFT WORKS 6" X 6" Stencil

Today's post again highlights Ski Lift Works, one of my four 6" x 6" stencils released May 4.

Above:  This shows my love for cool and hot colors used atop one another!

Above:  A print on blueprint paper.

Above:  I first used the stencil with heavy-body pink paint; right after making the top print, I turned the paint-coated stencil over and used it like a rubber stamp to make another impression (bottom.) You can click on this image to enlarge it and better see detail.

Above:  More hot and cool colors in this two-player print.

Above:  Now, just cool colors.  

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To see all my stencils, old and new, just check here.

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  1. i LOVE these new stencils. They are all fab. I'm hoping to get some for Mother's Day. i wanted to ask where you got the blueprint paper? Thanks. Stephanie

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Stephanie. I got my blueprint paper at a fleamarket. But it's also sold in EBay. And you might also check thrift shops, estate sales, and fleamarkets if you have them in your area. Good luck! You'll find it easy to print on, and it makes for a very interesting background.