Wednesday, October 26, 2016


In recent posts, I've shown the progression of an artwork (still unfinished) that I've given the working title of Pink Flower Trail, made with one of my new 9"x 12" stencils, Blooming Where Planted.

I began a second canvas at the same time, using an identical starting point -- which was to get out green and turquoise acrylic paints, pair them another new stencil, Fantasia, and use the stencil-scraping method to create an imprint on the surface of the stretched watercolor canvas.

Once that imprint dried, I applied two more layers of paint, one yellow in the upper right and, in the lower left, a pale tan.  Creating these two color fields, I used the subtractive/reductive technique.  

Next, I repeated the process of applying a white grease pencil thru part of the Fantasia stencil.  Over that, I applied a layer of orange acrylic paint.  And, over those two applications, I added another layer of orange acrylic paint, this time using the entire stencil and placing it so as to dominate the upper left of the painting.  Below are both a distance shot as well as a close-up photo...

After the top layer of paint had dried, I placed the stencil back onto the canvas, this time in the extreme upper left, and spray-painted thru it with olive green acrylic paint; this is shown below, in two close-ups:

As my last step so far, I got out orange's compliment, purple, and used it with part of the Fantasia stencil to make a bold statement  nearly down the center of the artwork...

This painting has now, like the flower-trail one, reached a temporary stopping point.    I await further inspiration!

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