Saturday, October 15, 2016

FANTASIA teamed with BLOOMING WHERE PLANTED -- New 9"x 12" Stencils

Recently, in my announcement of my 3 brand-new 9"x 12" StencilGirl stencils available here ...

... I showed an artwork sample created with Fantasia:  Bright orange acrylic paint over a dark green background (slightly textured with my handmade rubber stamps.)  

Above, I'm showing the same artwork -- taken further, with the use of Blooming Where Planted and diluted Titan Buff acrylic paint.

The orange layer was printed in the tried-and-true way of placing the stencil over the substrate, then adding acrylic paint thru the stencil openings.

The top layer (of diluted Titan Buff) was created using the subtractive/reductive technique -- demonstrated here in step-by-step photos, with directions.

The photo above shows the piece horizontally, while still in progress. Below is a close-up showing the combination-print later in the process, vertically:

These two new stencils themselves look like this:

L450 Fantasia

L449 Blooming Where Planted

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