Wednesday, June 11, 2014

NEW! NEW! NEW! How's Your Subraction?

You don't have to be a math whiz to do this kind of subtraction -- more specifically, the subtractive technique.  (Some artists call it the reductive technique.)  I do several variations of this method, but in this installment of my NEW NEW NEW Cluster to announce my 6 brand-new stencils at, I've chosen the variation using acrylic paint and acrylic ink.

Taking a page from Mary C. Nasser's book, I first covered an old nautical map with a layer of translucent, pale orange-yellow acrylic paint --

My next step -- after that first coat of paint had dried -- was to add a second layer, choosing the contrasting value of bright magenta.  Instead of acrylic paint for the second layer, I used Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Ink.  The photo below shows the altered map while this layer is being brushed on. 

Once this ink was dry, I secured stencils to the surface with masking tape.  I used several of my newly-released stencils -- 6"X6" Silhouette of a Wildflower BouquetPalm Fronds Silhouette Small (6"X6), Palm Fronds Silhouette Mini (4"X4") and my less-recently-released 9"X12" Facets.

After taping the stencils to the altered map, I used a water-dampened paper towel to rub away the magenta ink that showed thru the openings on the stencils.  A soft terrycloth rag would work, too. 

When the rubbing was done to my satisfaction, I lifted off the stencils.  Below are the results after lifting off Facets (top) and Palm Fronds Silhouette Mini  4"X4" (bottom.)

On the left are two brand-new 6"X6" stencils -- Palm Fronds Silhouette Small (top) and Silhouette of a Wildflower Bouquet (bottom) after the rubbing has been finished, but before the stencils have been lifted.

NOTE:   Stencils used here are blue prototypes sent to designers at STENCILGIRL(TM)Products.  When you order any StencilGirl stencil, yours will be white. 

When finished using all my new stencils with the subtractive teshnique, I had several results that I liked so much, I scanned them into Photoshop on my PC.  There, I altered the colors to create several versions of each; the results are below.  The first three were made with Silhouette of a Wildflower Bouquet (6"X6").  The next three were made with my 6"X6" stencil Palm Fronds Silhouette Small.

The brand-new stencils are available now at  Please check out all of my posts under the NEW NEW NEW banner, each highlighting a project or two with my 6 new botanical-themed stencils.  Thanks!

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