Saturday, October 29, 2016


Blooming Where Planted is one of my three new 9" x 12" stencils that I've cut into pieces.  While still whole, the stencil looks like this:

And what I did was to simply cut along the 2 wide white lines, ending with three stencils.

I often work on several stretched canvases at one time, alternating my attention from one to the next, my goal being to "start fresh" in my outlook as I approach each application.  For me, the process of painting gains extra excitement when I do this, bringing each piece along by installments.  Weeks can go by between these stages.  Altho I like working this way, it can end up causing some confusion in the sequence of photos that I take.  Nor am I as good as I would like to be, at record-keeping!  At times therefore, I may end up posting the same images more than once. 

Here are some photos taken of a piece that's still in progress:

For me, a lot of the joy in painting is the process of building on previous layers.  Some of the areas shown above will probably remain as they are now, while others will become faint background impressions.  When the artwork is finished, I'll show it in its entirety.

All these imprints were made with sections of Blooming Where Planted.

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