Monday, October 10, 2016

Encore, Lisa Dobry!

Oh yes, let's call Lisa Dobry back out to front stage!  Why?  A picture's worth a thousand words, and I have plenty of pictures here!  Lisa pulled all of these prints using my 9" x 12" stencil Tangled Pods in combination with my 6" x 6' stencil Heron.  She's used fall colors -- which I love -- and she's shown me how well these two stencils work together, much to my surprise and delight!

If I'm not mistaken -- Lisa, please correct me if I'm wrong -- I believe that the print below is the one she chose for decorating the inside of the pretty gift-box that she made recently, using Tangled Pods.

Lisa, I'm so very grateful you're letting me post these gorgeous prints here!


  1. Hello Cecilia, yes you are correct that is the one that was supposed to go inside the box. It hasn't made it in yet because I really want to mat and frame 3 in a series and hang them together. As i never work with a plan, I printed them kind of close to one another, without much border so I'll have to see which 3 I can actually work with. I hope it works. Hugs, and thank you for posting.

    1. You could try to cut the prints apart carefully, then mount them separately onto sturdy backgrounds such as foamcore cut to the side of your mats. Illustration board would work too. Whatever background you use, just make sure it's acid-free so it will be archival. :-)