Thursday, October 27, 2016

FERN FRONDS SILHOUETTE MINI and Distress Inkpads with a Gelli Plate

Today's issue of The Scoop newsletter from StencilGirl features photos of a multitude of techniques that work well with stencils, or that work only with stencils.  One of these photos shows a print I made with my Gelli Plate and Distress Inkpads.  

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Below is my Gelli Plate print shown in this issue of The Scoop ...

This was achieved by using Distress Inkpads -- pressing them, wet side down, onto a Gelli Plate.  I used a different (but hue-related) color for each pulling of a print.  I also moved the stencil slightly with each pull, so that the finished image would be purposely off-register, as shown above. 

Fern Fronds Silhouette is a the stencil I used.  It's a mini, measuring 4" x 4". 

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