Saturday, October 22, 2016


Still working on the canvas that's shown up here daily ...

Today's chapter in this ongoing story brings me to the point shown in the close-up above.

The lower left 2/3 of the artwork-in-progress is a simple repeat of the design that had launched this project (when I'd scraped paint over the stencil Fantasia, using a combination of blue and aqua acrylic.)  That original imprint is barely visible now, most of it buried under the trail of pink flowers made with Blooming Where Planted --

-- and a part of this flowery stencil was used again in the upper left corner, as well as (more faintly) in the lower right corner of the photo.  These two imprints were done with reverse stenciling -- coating the stencil with paint, placing it wet-paint-side down against the substrate, and pressing it to the surface (in the same way that a rubber stamp is used.)

Tomorrow -- the multi-layered saga continues! 

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