Friday, October 21, 2016

A Trail of Blushing Flowers ...

I decided to cut apart one of my new 9" x 12" stencils, Blooming Where Planted ... then use parts of it to experiment with something I had never yet used -- a white China marker.  

I did this expecting the images made with the China marker to work as a resist, after I had added it to my substrate -- a Fredrix watercolor stretched canvas that appeared in yesterday's post.  In that post, I scraped paint over the top side of this canvas, while pressing another new stencil, Fantasia, to the bottom side of the canvas.  I scraped paint in random directions, ending up with a path that bore Fantasia imprints.

Below is a close-up of this imprinted canvas, with part of the Blooming Where Planted stencil placed over it.  Holding the stencil with one hand, I filled in the flowers using the China marker, shown in the lower left.

I continued doing this across the whole canvas, using flowers of different sizes, all of which had been cut from the same stencil.

My next step was to test that resist theory.  So I covered the surface with a mixture of magenta acrylic paint and liquid matte medium -- expecting the flowers to stay more or less white, while the rest of the surface accepted the new layer of paint.

As you can see, this was not what happened!  After the magenta paint had dried, I experimented with a gentle fingernail scratch, and noticed that there was some resist action, after all, but only scratching would bring that out.  So I decided to leave it as-is.  I liked the solid magenta version better, anyway.

In a later post, I'll show what I did next, working to bring the overall image to the finish line.  

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