Friday, November 1, 2013

Watching Mary Beth Shaw's "Wall Hanging" DVD -- Cozy Twosome of Puma and Myself

My office manager is celebrating All Saints Day by slowly turning green, in honor of St. Patrick ... or is her green blanket simply casting its color upward in response to the bright lights in this room?  I like lots of light for art-making.  My husband says surgery could be done in this studio/office.  Probably so ... but some cat hair would end up being stitched up inside the patient.  Sort of like the cat hairs liberally sprinkled thruout the pages of the library book I am currently delighting in -- Kitty Cornered by Bob Tarte -- lending lots of realism as I flip the book pages ...  

I'm not reading at the moment, however.  My office manager is supervising as I watch Mary Beth Shaw's new DVD Wall Hanging.  It -- and a sister STENCILGIRL(TM) DVD -- have just come out:


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  1. Happy Happy Birthday to you :) I hope your day as awesome as you are :) Hugs!!!