Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Stencils are in the Movies!

In a recent post, I shared my excitement over one of my stencils becoming a movie star in Mary Beth Shaw's brand-new DVD Wall Hanging.
I also mentioned that this is only one of two new DVDs featuring Mary Beth Shaw and brought to the world by Artist Network TV.  I've just happily learned that another of my stencils, 6'X6" Ferns, makes its movie debut in this second-mentioned DVD, Mixed Media Sampler Journal:

Above is the stencil Mary Beth Shaw used.
I'm awed by the DVD's beautiful results that Mary Beth achieved, using this stencil!  That gal makes art that dazzles me!  The stencil can be found here:

When I give live demos using my stencils, I create glazes over the eyes of my audience by telling the story behind each stencil I've designed.  Altho my memory has more holes than Swiss cheese, I can remember the story behind each stencil design.  Years ago, when I was still collecting and pressing leaves, I received a birthday bouquet of flowers.  Nothing goes to waste around here.  After the bouquet faded into sweetly scented memory, its sidecar-ferns lived on.  After their moment in my Epson scanner, they became one of the images in my collection of digital clipart.  I no longer sell digital clipart, but I've saved the images from those days.  I wade thru them periodically to cull ideas for presentation to Mary Beth.  One day, this search turned up my ferns ... and now, they live yet again, thanks to STENCILGIRL(TM).    Whoever gave me that bouquet of flowers -- and no, sorry, I don't remember that part -- I thank you!

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  1. Congratulations on being in the movies!! I love the Fern stencil and I love it even more after hearing the story behind it! Thanks for sharing your memories with me!