Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Greeting Card Covers

Above is an image that I showed in an earlier post, when I went into detail describing a way to use stencils as resists when marbling papers.  The two stencils used here are, L to R:
Trivet C Stencil -- awaiting release at
Below are two greeting card covers I've made using cut-outs from that marbled paper.

The top greeting card cover is self-framed via this method:  I moistened its 4 edges with a paintbrush dipped into clean water, then ran a watercolor pencil all around the rim.  See below: 
A water-based marker would have worked, too.  The brushed-on water makes the edges willing to soak up pigment in a lovely haphazard way.

 My final step was to come in with a marker-pen and draw lines to trace some contours of the patterns created thru stenciling and marbling.

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