Friday, November 15, 2013

Still More Artwork using my Brand-New STENCILGIRL(TM) Stencils ...

Above is an example of a monoprint on glossy cardstock, first allowed to dry, then used as a background to be imprinted with a design from a stencil -- here, my brand-new 6"X6" stencil Osprey Wings.
Above is another final-result example of the same stencil being having been used, this time as a resist during the process of marbling with Boku-Undo inks.  This process was detailed in an older post.  Note:  Yellow shades, on white background, yield a subtle-looking final product, since there is little contrast between white and yellow.
Above is another subtle piece, created with the use of my brand-new 6"X6" Heron stencil, molding paste, monoprinting and ink marbling.  This process was described at length in an older post.

Here again is the link for purchase of these two stencils:



  1. Oh I love those spread wings birds!

  2. LOVE these stencils! Can't wait to get the Osprey Wings stencil so I can try the marbling technique! TFS!