Friday, November 15, 2013

Cheap Joe's Art Supplies 2014 Reference Catalog

I've received good news -- one of my abstract artworks on canvas will be included in the Cheap Joe's Art Supplies 2014 catalog.  If I remember correctly, these catalogs come out during December of each preceding year.  I was stunned when I saw the other artworks selected for this catalog, because they are outstanding!  My hat is off to those other artists!

This is the artwork of mine that was chosen:

Working with acrylic paints, I used stamps, brushes and a brand-new stencil of my design that's now available here --

Entitled Swatton Borders #1 Stencil, this 9"X12" stencil includes 3 borders:

I enjoy designing all of my stencils for STENCILGIRL(TM), yet this one was especially fun.   I love swirls, curls and swoops!

In a much older post, part of this stencil's far-right border was featured in another piece of my art.  In that example, I used the inner swirls of this design, leaving off the outer half-box.  It's easy to mask off part of a stencil design, using painters' temporary-hold tape, so as to use only the part you want in each particular application.  I like Frog tape, but there is a blue masking tape that works well, too.  Mary Beth Shaw uses it in one (or both) of her new DVDs, mentioned in recent posts.

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