Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not that this can compare ...

... Above is a link to a clip from one of Mary Beth Shaw's two brand-new DVDs.  What makes this particular DVD especially dear to my heart is that I've had the honor of her using my 6"X6" Mimosa stencil as the first stencil featured in this clip.  When she makes that one lift off the Gelli Plate to reveal what's underneath, I can almost hear the "Ah!" echoing thru cyberspace, coming from everyone else watching along with me.

Now I know this is not going to compare, but I happen to be working on a mixed-media collage that has gone a bit farther in its development from the last time I posted about it.  And both my Mimosa stencils have fit in with the overall direction this artwork is taking.

Below, I'll post what came after the background collage of tissue paper had thoroughly dried; and I do mean thoroughly -- because the tissue paper background will rip if masking tape is applied to it while it's still damp with the matte medium gel and the spritzed-on water from a mister (as described in my earlier post.)

Above, you can see my 9"X12" stencil Mimosa --
-- and the Squares and Circles 9"X12" stencil designed by Jessica Sporn --
-- and, in the lower right, the same 6"X6" stencil that's now been happily immortalized by Mary Beth Shaw in that new DVD of hers --

The above shot shows a previous use of this 6"X6" stencil -- in the lower left, you can see the first time I used it, taping it to the surface and spraying with a mix of water, white acrylic paint and Golden Airbrush Medium.  (That "recipe" is:  just a tiny tiny amount of the airbrush medium added to a mix of roughly 1/2 water and 1/2 liquid Titanium White acrylic paint.  The main function of the airbrush medium is to keep the mister bottle's spray-hole from getting clogged with dried paint.  'Cuz boy does it bug me when that happens!)

The above shot was taken right after I had added another application of white spray -- this time using my Pat Dews mouth atomizer (Cheap Joe's Art Supplies) and Titanium White Liquitex acrylic ink.  My goal was to get a stronger white than the first step had given me.

Above is a close-up of the next step I took:  With scrap paper and masking tape, I masked off areas to keep them clean, surrounding my two 6"X6" Mimosa stencils.  Then I sprayed the stencils with my mouth atomizer using Golden High Flow Acrylic in Naphthol Red Light, followed by another spray using a mix of Liquitex Titanium White Acrylic Ink and black Sumi ink.

Below is a shot of the whole canvas, with the stencils, masking tape and masking papers removed.  Still a long way to go, but my stencils and I are taking the journey together...  while my office manager naps on the job ...


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