Thursday, November 14, 2013

Back to Christmas & the Now-Available Borders Stencil #1...

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Back to talking about my now-released 9"X12" stencil
Swatton Borders #1 Stencil --
-- I hadn't planned this, when creating this stencil design, but I've discovered that each of its 3 borders is just the right width for making candles for my handmade Christmas cards.  It's a quick and easy process to roll a paint-loaded sponge brayer across red background paper, with the stencil sandwiched in the middle.  The resulting stencil-print automatically creates its own useful cutting-line -- important to me, since I no longer trust my paper-cutter whose blade had gone cockeyed.  (And to tell a further truth, the paper-cutter is buried under a basketful of art supplies.)  The two edges of the border-design are easy to cut along and end up with a fairly straight line.
The "flame" is cut from some novelty paper that's white with gold thread stitched into it, in a squiggle pattern.  It's a beautiful pattern, altho you can't tell from this small cut-out.  I would tell you the source of that novelty paper, but it was a gift years ago, from someone who bought it at Costco.  It's probably no longer carried there.

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