Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Not Another Re-Run!

Announcing my new 6"X6" Feathers stencil, available at --

The above image shows my 6"X6" Feathers stencil -- but waiting in the wings is my 9"X12" Feathers stencil, which will differ from its 6"X6" little sister.
The above image was created using my brand-new 6"X6" Feathers stencil.
I'll start this re-run of an earlier post by providing a link -- ,
-- which advertises a DVD that goes into depth on the topic of floating stencils atop marbling liquid, creating a combination stencil-and-marbled look on fabric. 

I'm not into fabric arts, but I tried this idea on printing papers -- the type of paper recommended in this short online video --   Please do watch this short video online, for complete directions.  I haven't included every detailed step in the photo captions below, but it all comes together once you see the video.

That recommended paper, copperplate paper, is a type of printmaking paper which can be found here, but is also available elsewhere:

And the marbling inks, Boku-Undo, can be found here:

The reason I went with this particular process and these particular materials was that I knew they would work well with my stencils -- without generating a need to clean the stencils afterward.  (Yes, I'm lazy!)  There are many methods for marbling paper and fabric, with a
corresponding wide variety of liquids required for each marbling method.

This particular method uses plain water as the liquid upon which the marbling inks float.  That makes for quick preparation and quick clean-up -- leaving more time for having fun!
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