Friday, January 24, 2014

Uses (Only 2 of Many) for Papers Made with Stencil Art

My 9"X12" stencil Trivet A 9 has now loaned itself to creating a sheet of giftwrap --

-- and a matching giftcard --

-- in follow-up to my post of yesterday (January 23), which details all the steps I took in creating the paper.

To create the giftcard, all I needed to do was to use decorative Fiskars scissors, as well as fine-detail scissors, in cutting small pieces off edges of the giftwrap -- using both the red spattered section and the un-spattered section (which are pictured in entirety in the Jan. 23 post.)  I collaged them onto the cover of a small greeting card, liking the look of the white-background freehand-cut heart atop the bright and mottled background.  I also cut out a third narrow strip from the red section and added it to the giftcard's matching envelope.  Elmer's Crafter's gluestick was the adhesive I used.

This stencil --
--is available here and only here:


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