Friday, January 24, 2014

The More Spatter, the Merrier

The "spattered" look sits high on my list of favorites; I enjoy finding new ways of creating this effect in my artwork.

Here is a greeting card cover that sports a 3-dimensional design:
Above:  the stencil I used was my 6"X6" Flowers Version 1.
And here is another card, made in the same way:

Above:  the stencil I used was my 6"X6" Marbles 6.
In earlier posts, I have displayed step-by-step photos that show modeling paste (also called molding paste) spread thru stencils to create 3-dimensional results.  (The stencils are lifted soon after use and placed in a basin of water until there is time to wipe/blot them clean with paper towels.)  After the molding paste has dried, I often highlight the raised areas with blending chalks or Distress Inks or glitter glue or a dry-brushing of acrylic paints.

However, in creating the cards above, I wedged one additional step between the spreading of the molding paste thru the stencil and the lifting of the stencil.

While the molding paste was still moist, I spritzed each card surface LIGHTLY with a variety of color washes (inks in spray bottles.)  Still in place, the stencils automatically did double-duty as masks -- keeping the sprayed inks from going anywhere except on the fresh molding paste.

Immediately after spraying, I lifted off the stencils and cleaned them. 

The molding paste and sprayed inks dried together.  Because I had chosen to spray lightly, the results were the mottled look that I really like, shown in the final results above.

My Flowers Version 1 stencil is available here and here only:

My Marbles 6 stencil also comes in a 9"X12" version; both are available here:

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