Thursday, January 16, 2014

9"X12" Stencil Mimosa Trots Onstage Again ...

Going thru my "Blog" folder just now, I discovered three unpublished images highlighting my 9"X12" stencil Mimosa.
Above:  This Gelli Plate print shows a double application of this stencil.  The original substrate was orange and white.  Atop that, I used the Gelli Plate to apply a layer of pale green acrylic, with the 9"X12" stencil.  For the next layer, with a darker green paint, I placed the same stencil on the Gelli Plate, placing it so that the leaf pattern would criss-cross the pale green Mimosa print.

The above example of the scraping technique was used in an earlier post, in its final form, which was as a background in a collaged greeting card cover.  Here it appears in its original form, when the fresh paint had been scraped over an old blueprint, which had been secured atop the 9"X12" Mimosa stencil with masking tape. 

Above:  a greeting card cover collaged with two examples of my scraping technique, described fully in other posts.  My 9"X12" Mimosa stencil was used for the image at the far left.  At far right is a scraping made from my 6"X6" Cats stencil.
The 9X12" Mimosa stencil is available here:

The 6"X6" Cats stencil is here:

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