Saturday, January 4, 2014

If You Love Queen Anne's Lace --

-- you'll be delighted with this newly released 9"X12" stencil of mine, (Swatton) Queen Anne's Lace, available here --

I have used this brand-new stencil, with acrylic paints, in creating a mixed-media collage:

And I used it as foreground in another artwork; previously, I had created the background with my own original-design silkscreens:

And finally:
Above:  I used three strips of narrow tape to create a background design; then I painted this canvas with black gesso.  I removed the tape once the gesso had dried.  I used crackle paste thru this brand-new stencil and allowed it to dry.  Then I further enhanced the background with green interference paint.  The last step was to paint the crackle paste with purple acrylics, then spray away some of that color with a water mister.

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