Thursday, January 16, 2014

Angels Have Been Visiting ...

... and leaving behind some feathers ...

... one of them over 12" long ...

No, wait, I lied.  Actually these images were created with my two Feathers series stencils:

6"X6" Feathers stencil
6"X6" Feathers, available here:

Above, the 9"X12" stencil, available here:

The top image (white feathers on right green background) was created by spreading white modeling paste thru the 6"X6" stencil; after the paste dried, I highlighted areas of the feathers with glitter glue.

The image below that, showing the lone long feather from the 9"X12" stencil, was created with a mouth atomizer which I used to apply several layers of acrylic inks:

I have no brand loyalty when it comes to acrylic inks.  I use FM, Dr. Ph Martin, Liquitex and Daler Rowney (pearlescent) ... and I've ordered yet another brand that's new to me and worth a try.

There are probably several mouth atomizers on the market, but I bought the Pat Dews version from Cheap Joe's Art Supplies online.  I like the way it lets me regulate the flow of ink.  Light applications are best; and using one color after another (with drying time sandwiched between applications) is the better way to go.  I used to apply heavy sprays, lots of color all in one application; but this didn't bring good results, especially since I work at an easel -- a vertical surface, not a horizontal one.

At the left you can see the 9"X12" stencil taped to the substrate (a previously painted sheet of newsprint.)  This photo shows a blue stencil, which is a prototype sent to the designer of each stencil.  When you order your own stencil, it will be a translucent white and will be made from a much more sturdy sheet of acetate.  This photo shows the stencil after the first two light sprays have been applied, allowing for dry-time between applications. 

Below is the same sheet of altered newsprint, with the stencil removed, following a number of additional paint applications, including one sprayed application of pearlescent acrylic ink.  It was from the sheet below that I later cut the large feather  shown in the second-from-top photo on today's post.

Above:  A greeting card cover made with one of the smaller feathers, cut out and collaged onto a piece of Gelli Plate printed background.
Above:  a second collaged greeting card featuring a cut-out from these spray-prints.  Here again the background paper is a Gelli Plate print.

Above:  a third greeting card, also collaged with Gelli Plate prints and a cut-out from the above-described spray prints.
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