Friday, January 24, 2014

"Mimosa" in Miniature Available Only at STENCILGIRL(TM)Products...

Above:  my 6"X^" stencil Mimosa
This stencil is available here and only here:

Awhile ago I bought some 6"X6" blank greeting cards made from cardstock in an assortment of bright colors, including a pink so vivid it throbbed before the eyes.  My idea was to use them with my 6"X6" stencils.  Because this pink was nearly bright enough to cause physical pain, I decided to use a sponge brayer to tone it down with a coat of water-thinned light blue acrylic paint.  The sponge roller left a bubbly-looking surface that I liked. 

I placed my 6"X6" Mimosa stencil over this paint once it had dried, then pounced a cosmetic sponge across the stencil, loaded with light purple acrylic paint which I had thinned with matte gel.
Above:  The greeting card after I had applied a half-border of silver rose stickers.

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