Saturday, January 4, 2014

"(Swatton) Two Fans" -- A Brand-New 9"X12" Stencil Just Released at!

One of my newly released 9"X12" stencils, (Swatton) Two Fans, was used with spray paints on white paper:

The above spraying job didn't turn out too badly, but another spraying had less pleasing results.  Throw it out?  Nope!  I cut out three long rectangles and collaged together a birthday greeting card ...

And the rest of that paper will be cut into backgrounds for other greeting cards.

This stencil was also used in my "Spoiler Alert" post of October 8, 2013; the topic was creating marbled imagery using water and inks:

Under "Older Posts," you can find my Oct. 8 post, which has full details on this easy marbling technique that uses floating stencils.

Shown above, this just-released stencil is available on my STENCILGIRL(TM) web-page --

Lastly, I want to repeat something from an earlier recent post.  This stencil lends itself beautifully to art-making projects like mixed-media collage, in coordination with any of the Asian papers that feature fans.  These papers are easy to find, sometimes as giftwrap and sometimes as art papers.  There are many sources; here is just one: ...