Wednesday, January 22, 2014

9"X12" stencil "Marbles" Comes Back for Another Roll!

Above:  detail 1

Above:  detail 2

Above:  detail 3

Above:  the canvas in its entirety.
About 85 per cent of the markings on this small abstract, on canvas, were created in one quick easy step, with my 9"X12" stencil Marbles (a
design that's also available in a 6"X6" version.)  In earlier posts I've detailed, with step-by-step photos, the technique that I call "stencil and stain"  -- and it really is quick as well as easy.
My first step to create this art was to cover the original painting on this canvas with a layer of extra-heavy white gesso.  I drew three marks in the still-wet gesso and set it aside a few days to dry and cure.
Next came the "stencil-and-stain" process:  I placed the Marbles stencil onto the canvas and dribbled on a few green hues of Golden Fluid Acrylics.  I spritzed the surface with water; this spreads and mingles the paints under the stencil.  I blotted some areas with paper towels.
After the paint had "set" but not yet fully dried, I lifted off the stencil.  (Leaving it on till dry may cause a stencil to stick permanently to the substrate.)  At this point, most of the work was finished.
I fine-tuned the overall look with some sprayed on acrylic inks in masked-off areas.
I further fine-tuned some areas with white paints and oil pastel crayons in orange, yellow and magenta.
Having seen the close-ups above, you will recognize the markings as you see the stencil I used:
This stencil is available here:
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