Thursday, January 28, 2016

Visit 4 to Twin Pages in the Art Journal of Mary Ann Russo

This post is the fourth visit to a new art journal created by my friend Mary Ann Russo.  Each page of her beautiful journal is made from half of a multi-layered Gelli Plate print.  Below I'm showing the left page and right, facing, page:

Clicking on the above photo to enlarge it, you can better see the details that make this set of pages so rich and compelling.

In making these Gelli Plate prints, Mary Ann chose several stencils from  

The top-layer stencil that she used, with her black acrylic paint, was my 6"x6" stencil Marbles 6.  The stencil itself looks like this:

(This stencil has a 9"x12" "big sister," Marbles 9:)

Mary Ann's multiple-layer printing shows how beautifully a stencil's design can improved upon when it's layered with other stencils.  The result is art that's much more eye-pleasing and complex than when any single stencil is used by itself.

More of Mary Ann's art journal pages will be posted here ... stay tuned!

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