Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mixed-Media Collages with Stenciled Papers

Back in November-December, in an online workshop led by Jane Davies, I used several of my stencils in working thru the assignments.  I can't share the processes we covered in the workshop since everything was done under Jane's direction and all that how-to belongs to her.  But I will share my artworks that used stencils in their making. 

In this mixed-media collage below, the 3 rounded shapes were cut from a paper printed with my 9"x12" stencil Prayer Flags--

And preparing papers for the mixed-media collage below, I used my 6"x6" Gingko stencil as well as Swatton Borders #2--

The original stencils look like this--

Prayer Flags (9"x12")

Gingko (6"x6")

More collages to be posted on another day!

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