Saturday, January 16, 2016

Adult Coloring Books of Your Own Creation -- with Stencils

We know that adult coloring books are big right now...wonderful for relieving stress.  

But each coloring book is produced in large numbers -- and everyone buying the same edition ends up with the same "floor plan" as everybody else who bought the same edition.

Why not turn your journal into a UNIQUE adult coloring book with stencils and Sharpie pens in black or assorted colors?

Here I've created two examples.  Below, I used one of the 3 circle stencils from the June 2015 StencilGirl StencilClub collection Crop Circles.  Above, I used two of my 9"x12" stencils,  Feathers 9 and Twinship .

Above:  This surface is stained with diluted acrylic paint.  It's now ready for the individual spaces to be filled in with color pencils.

The steps I took in making the above examples follow:

Above:  I placed a stencil atop my substrate (the cover of a greeting card blank cut from sturdy watercolor paper.)  Below:  I traced around the stencil openings with a black Sharpie:


Above:  The stencil has been lifted off the substrate.  Below:  the substrate has been covered with another stencil, Twinship:

Above:  The substrate has been freshly stained with diluted acrylic paints. When it dries, it will look like the second image at the top of this post.

I followed the same steps in making the first image at the top of this post, except that for this tracing, I omitted drawing lines thru the central figure of feathers, to make the feathers stand out better.  Rather than stain this one, I left its original background white, ready to be filled in with colored pencils.  

The possible combinations are endless! 

The two examples above fall on the crude side, but that convey the general idea.

To see a different example of using stencils to create your own coloring pages, check out Carolyn Dube here:

 The June 2015 stencils can be ordered by visiting and using the right side bar to become a StencilClub member.  Once a member, you can purchase past stencils at your regular membership price.  Email citing the month you wish to purchase; then StencilGirlProducts will provide you with a invoice through PayPal.

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