Sunday, January 10, 2016

Foiled Again...

One of today's discussions on Facebook (in the Stencil Club group) brought my attention to the fact that I had neglected to post one of my Gelli plate prints that I had done on foil laminated to paper backing.  In one of my earlier posts --
-- I had used one of the commercially available foil sheets that come in printing-paper size. 

But somehow I had forgotten to post another Gelli Plate print that I did with foil and my 9"x12" stencil Boxed Vines...

I made two prints like the one above, but one has already been cut into pieces to be used in collage.  This time around, I printed on sheets of foil giftwrap which I had cut down to Gelli Plate-size.   This happened too long ago for me to remember the numbers now, but I suspect the foil giftwrap was the less expensive choice.  I used silver foil giftwrap but of course giftwrap comes in other colors.  This image doesn't capture the effect of the foil shining thru the acrylic paint, but the effect is there, when this paper is seen in person.   

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