Friday, January 8, 2016

PRAYER FLAGS teamed up with FACETS

From time to time, I've posted here about using paint-stained stencils as collage fodder.  Some of my stencils end up stained with multiple layers of acrylic paints; sometimes, these dried paints bear the imprints of other stencils, as well, which I think makes stained stencils even more interesting. 

Here is the Gelli Plate print that was to become the background paper in today's mixed-media collage:

Above:  Here is the matted mixed-media collage made with a Gelli Plate print of Facets, overlaid with a paint-stained Prayer Flags stencil, which is collaged onto the surface of the print, along with a few colorful papers.

Above:  a close-up of one area of this artwork.  Notice in the upper third that one of the "prayer flags" is not only paint-stained, but also textured, as result of having rested under another stencil while the two stencils were temporarily layered together while I was creating an earlier artwork.

Above:  another close-up; in this shot, it's somewhat easier to see the Gelli-plate print made with Facets.
The two original stencils look like this:

9"x12" stencil Facets.
Above:  9"x12" stencil Prayer Flags.
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