Friday, January 29, 2016

Jane Davies and the Gelli Plate

Back in November, I took an online workshop with Jane Davies, this one on the use of a Gelli Plate. 

Here are some of the early prints I pulled, following directions in the assignments:

This print was created for later use as a source of collage papers, so it will be cut into pieces as needed.

In the lower half of the above print, I used my 6"x6" stencil Mimosa 6.

In the next two prints below, I used the 9"x12" stencil Facets ...

The above assignment was to print a plain background using translucent paint and to overprint it with a stencil and a layer of opaque paint.

The assignment above called for doing the reverse -- a stenciled layer of opaque paint, overprinted with a translucent paint. 

Our assignment was to make two more examples of the same exercise, so this time I used my 9"x12" stencil Prayer Flags --

It was a fun project because it introduced me to flipping back and forth between opaque and translucent paints.  I had never tried that; this was my first time to ever use opaque paint on a Gelli Plate.

In another assignment for this workshop of Jane's, I used one of my favorite stencils by Maria McGuire, Doodle It Tornado Bloom --

This stencil's imprint is the star of the show inside the big central green square, above. 


  1. Love all of these especially first and last. Jane is wonderful. So glad you shared. I have to get to one of her classes.

    1. I highly recommend Jane's online workshops as well as her live-in-person workshops. I've enjoyed both. She has a lot of knowledge to share.