Sunday, June 8, 2014

Stencils on Aluminum Tape

Masking tape isn't just for painting walls; non-stick aluminum foil isn't just for baking; and aluminum tape --

-- found in hardware stores and home improvement centers, isn't just for repairs. 

This beautiful tape, just shy of 2" in width, comes with a white paper backing that, when peeled off, reveals a self-stick backing.

Above, at the top of the photo, is a view of the tape as it comes, in a roll.  Here, I have cut off 2 lengths of it and secured them with masking tape to (left) a sheet of yellow craft foam and (right) an old mouse pad.  Underneath is more aluminum -- the non-stick kind, also secured with masking tape to my work surface.

Below is a close-up of the next step I took in this project -- placing stencils over the tape.  The upper photo shows my 9"X12" Wrought Iron Gate stencil and the smaller photo shows my 9"X12" Borders 1 stencil.

I traced the stencils' line-work with an embossing stylus, the top of which appears below, but a ballpoint pen would work, too.

My next step was to lift off the stencil to reveal the embossed tape --
Below are two photos showing the embossed tapes with alcohol inks added--

I liked the colors of these inks but wasn't happy with the way the embossed line-work disappeared under them.  So I began experimenting.  One experiment was to remove most of the ink with rubbing alcohol.  I also got out my Sharpie pens, knowing that these deeply embossed lines would be easy to trace.  But to be on the safe side, I replaced the stencils, lining them up with the embossed line-work --
After lifting off the stencil a second time, I had the results below.
The lower strip of tape has been embossed, alcohol-inked, and wiped with rubbing alcohol.  Some of the alcohol ink remains, highlighting the embossed line-work.
I ended up with lots of decorative tape, some of which will used to embellish art journal covers.  One piece was used on the cover of a 6"X6" greeting card --

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  1. Hi, love this. I work wth this tape a lot. Thanks for the inspiration.