Friday, June 20, 2014

FREE Download! Need I say More?

Back when Henry Ford was tinkering with the idea of creating an automobile -- well, okay; maybe it was more recently than that -- I was published in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.  My write-up included information on creating custom-made art-tools that serve as rubber stamps.  To my happy surprise, I've just received word from Cherie Haas that this article has been dusted off and re-shared with the world.  It's part of a FREE download.  Here is the link --

If unable to reach that webpage by clicking on the above link, you can just copy the entire link and paste it into your browser window.
Here is a collage that was pictured in my original write-up for Cloth Paper Scissors -- 
Click on the above image to enlarge it.
In this collage, the images that I created with homemade stamps include
Upper right corner: the apple, pear and 2 versions of cherries; 
In the center:  the sliced orange and the cherries as well as the red apple under them;
In the lower mid-section:  the sliced-open pear.
Enjoy your free download from Cloth Paper Scissors!  And thanks for stopping by.

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