Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NEW NEW NEW cluster continues -- More Lemonade, Anyone?

In my May 25 post -- http://tinyurl.com/ky3xenl -- I showed step-by-step photos for using lemon juice with stencils, aged paper and a hot iron to make vintage-looking prints.

Today I'm showing more prints created in the same way, this time with my just-released 4"X4" stencil Fern Fronds Silhouette -- 

The above four prints were made on vintage papers.  No two prints are ever the same.

Above:  This is the BACK side of another lemon-juice print, on a different kind of paper.  The front side was pretty -- but so subtle that it doesn't scan well.  This side, however, has all the contrast it needs.  So, check the back sides of all your lemon-juice prints!  Surprises may await you.

Above:  I'm adding this final image just for fun.  It's not made with lemon juice.  I created it while playing around with leftover paints and my Gelli Arts printing plate.
To review the May 25 post that gave step-by-step directions for, and photos of, the stencils-with-lemon-juice process, click here -- http://tinyurl.com/ky3xenl .

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