Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Above is a greeting card cover created with my brand-new stencil, 6"X6" Silhouette of a Wildflower Bouquet, now available at

For this project, I started with 140-lb. hot press watercolor paper, staining it with diluted watercolors of a pink/white/peach mix.

After the watercolor had dried, I secured this brand-new stencil to the paper with masking tape and sprayed a blue acrylic-and-water mix over the top of the stencil.  Then I lifted the stencil, to reveal the image above.

Note that the stencil served as a mask to retain the pinks, oranges and whites of the originally stained paper.

The newly blue-speckled stencil gave me an idea for using the stencil itself in a collage, to make the cover for another 6"X6" greeting card --

-- so, as shown above, that's just what I did.  I used glossy gel medium to adhere the stencil to the background. 

The background is a Gelli Plate print, using paper from an old encyclopedia and my 9"X12" stencil Ivy Frame 9.  A faint imprint of that ivy stencil is visible on the left side in the above photo.

This brand-new stencil, Silhouette of a Wildflower Bouquet, is now available at

This is one of many posts under the "NEW NEW NEW cluster" -- please check out all the NEW NEW NEW posts for a full overview of my 6 now-released stencils.  Art-making techniques/projects are shown in each post of this cluster.

NOTE:   Stencils used here are blue prototypes sent to designers at STENCILGIRL(TM)Products.  When you order any StencilGirl stencil, yours will be white. 

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