Monday, May 9, 2016

Trotting Out my 6"x6" Stencil KALEID ...

Ages ago, I created this artwork on canvas board, using my 6"x6" stencil Kaleid

I then placed it in "temporary" storage ... whereupon it became a case of out of sight, out of mind. 
In its creation, I remember that the first few steps included using oddly-torn scraps of masking tape to tape off small elongated areas during multiple applications of acrylic paints that ranged from orange to light-to-dark pink. 
After laying that foundation, I placed my Kaleid stencil over the focal point and stipple-brushed across it with aqua acrylic paint.  My last step was to add a smear of Zinc ("mixing") White paint across the bottom of the stencil-print.  You can click on the above image to enlarge it.

On the 11th, I will have a post on StencilGirlTalk and a corresponding post here.  It will be a gap-filler idea/project for times when StencilGuts are temporarily out-of-stock at StencilGirlProducts.    

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