Friday, May 6, 2016

"Swatton Flowers Version 1 Stencil"

Everywhere, flowers are blooming ... and I made today's post (a birthday card) to celebrate them, using part of one of my flower stencils:

Available here:

 To section off part of this stencil, I used masking tape, covering the areas I didn't want to print--

Above:  Click on this photo to enlarge it, to better see the area masked off.  The remainder of the stencil extends past the greeting card cover, resting under the lid of the light modeling paste (upper right corner.)

I chose to use white modeling paste, right from the jar, but had I wanted a colored paste, I would have mixed acrylic paint with the light modeling paste before spreading it over the stencil.

The greeting card blank that I chose for this project is from; it's cut from sturdy cardstock deep bronze in color and "metallic" in texture.

Because this cardstock is very dark, I lined the inside of the card with lightweight paper, cut to fit.  

Above is what the inside of my card looks like, with the light paper added.

Other artists would probably skip that step and, instead, use white markers or pens to fill out the inside of these greeting cards.  

The photo below shows the final greeting card, given the final touches of glitter glue and a butterfly cut-out.

NOTE:  There is a surcharge for mailing 6"x6" envelopes.  I use two Forever postal stamps and that does the job.

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