Sunday, May 15, 2016


Last November-December, in a Jane Davies online workshop, I created a number of Gelli Plate prints which were then used in mixed-media collages.  Below are some of the results from that wonderful experience; most of these in today's post are not yet finished.

Above:  This collage is not yet finished.  In making the wide horizontal band that runs across the lower third of the piece, I used my 9"x12" stencil Facets

Above:  In compiling this mixed-media collage, I used my Mimosa 6 stencil -- in its 6"x6" version.  I use the 9"x12" version more often, but these artworks on printmaking paper measure only 7.5"x10".
Above:  This mixed-media collage is not yet finished.  Its vertical orange background band was created with my Borders # 1 stencil, which measures 9"x12" and contains 3 borders in all.  The stencil imprint on this vertical orange band is faint but can be seen better if you click on this image to enlarge it. 
Above:  This is one of my prints in its very early stages.  Borders # 2 was used on the far right.  Less easy to see, the left two-thirds are printed with my 6"x6" stencil Trivet B.
Stencils used in today's post include:
Mimosa 6
Borders # 2
Borders #1
Trivet B
To learn techniques we covered back in November-December, take Jane Davies' next online workshop that focuses on Gelli Plate printing.

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