Friday, April 29, 2016

Get out Your Fabric or Paper for Making Sun-Prints!

Artist Elise Bky has created gorgeous sun-print fabric art with a number of stencils including my 6"x6" Quilted Flower Garden...

Above:  My 6"x6" stencil Quilted Flower Garden was used in the upper left in this gorgeous piece of fiber art by Elise Bky.

Above:  Elise created this panel of fabric art on the same day; here, Quilted Flower Garden was used in the upper right.

What other stencils star in this wonderful artwork?

 Garden Swirl Stencil and Floral Swirl Stencil by Terry Stegmiller;

Alternating Ovals Stencil by Carolyn Dube;

Decorative Curvy Ornament Stencil and Ornamental Petals and Ornamental Embroidery and Ornamental Compass Mask by Gwen Lafleur;

and a couple of "mystery stencils" that I can't identify.

I think it works beautifully, the way Elise has brought all these elements together.

To see Elise's step-by-step method of sun-printing on fabric, click here.

To see a step-by-step way of sun-printing on paper, click here.



  1. Elise, I hope I will have your permission to also post your beautiful doodles made with Mimosa 9! Giving you full credit of course. I love your doodles!!!