Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mary C. Nasser's 9"x12" MAPS STENCIL in Action after Plastic Surgery

Here are the photos I promised!

This collage-in-progress shows part of Mary's stencil (coated in gold acrylic metallic paint) -- just picture it without the pieces of green masking tape.

Clicking on the above photo to enlarge it, you can better see the details of Mary's stencil as well as the stencils used in the background.  These include:

Scribble Scratch by Carolyn Dube;

Illegible Stencil by Kae Pea;

Borders 3 Stencil by myself.  This stencil contains 3 borders and I used the middle one, shown below...

... because this middle border fits with the script theme used in the general background.

More pieces of Mary's lovely stencil were used in the mixed-media collage below.  I've marked the two areas where these stencil parts were added:

Other stencils of my design that were used here included:

Prayer Flags

Palm Fronds Silhouette Small


Palm Fronds Silhouette Mini.

How much of Mary's beautiful stencil is now left?  Not much.  Time to order a new one!


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