Saturday, April 16, 2016

MAP STENCIL Magic, thanks to Mary C Nasser!

Here's a short story about omelets and a 9"x12" stencil by Mary C. Nasser ...

At the risk of making some people wince, moan and turn pale as I bring up this subject again, the abiding fact is this:  I long ago decided that, to end up with an omelet, you have to break some eggs.

What has this to do with Mary's Map Stencil

I think it opens up wonderful creative avenues -- pun intended -- when  you take a leap of faith and start cutting up stained stencils for use as collage pieces.

Mary's gorgeous brand-new stencil emerges from the laser looking like this...

... but ages ago, after I had used it in an art project with thick metallic gold acrylic paint, the stencil became so beautifully coated that I decided (1) I would never clean it and (2) one day I would cut it up.

That day has come.

Photos will follow soon!

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