Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Sketchbook Project -- Opportunity for Art Journaling Enthusiasts

Mary C. Nasser is one of many who happily participate in a project that came to my notice when my friend (and stepdaughter) Christina gave me a book -- The Sketchbook Project World Tour -- about this art journal and sketchbook collection/library in Brooklyn, NY:

It's more than just a library local to Brooklyn, as you can see by visiting the webpages linked to the project's homepage above.  The project encompasses a number of programs, including a traveling library that takes portions of the collection beyond the walls of the main library.

Participation in the project comes with a fee; the project's goal is to display art journals and sketchbooks from a wide range and variety of participants.  It's open to everyone.

I've included this link to Christina's gift-book itself at because (1) I want to encourage use of and (2) here, you can flip thru a handful of sample pages that show the wide range of work included in this project's collection.  Go thru the sample pages, until the very end, to see art journal spreads that will resonate with anyone who's seen the posts at




as well as other social media outlets displaying work by StencilGirlProducts' stencil enthusiasts. 

Happy art journaling!  


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