Friday, February 17, 2017

TANGLED PODS and Its New Sister-Stencil DANGLED PODS

Here are still more close-ups of my experiments using Tangled Pods paired with Dangled Pods --

Again, the majority of these experiments was done with a technique that's part of the June 2015 Stencil Club package, which includes an instructional video by MaryBeth Shaw.  (For more information, join Stencil Club.)

In addition, the knobby texture of the final piece above is the result of my adding a layer of clear bead gel over the originally painted surface.  This gel looks opaque-white when it's first spread over the surface, but when dry, it's transparent. 

 These two stencils look like this: 

Above:  the original stencil, Tangled Pods.
Above:  the new stencil, Dangled Pods -- the reverse of the original stencil.

More Dangled Pods examples are coming!